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Hogwarts House blankets update

ok. i've gotten many orders and lots of trade offers. i'm going to be working on the blankets in order of requests. but to make it easier i'm going to make a public post in my livejournal where i want everyone who orders a blanket to leave a message saying what house, book or movie colors for the blanket of their house, your email, what they had to trade (if that applies) and when they will be paying. there is a link to PayPal in my user info where you can pay if you wish with PayPal (my preferred choice) or you can send me an email requesting my address for mailing a personal check or money order, and also for shipping whatever trade we have agreed on.

when i complete your blanket, i will email you asking for your shipping info and the deal will be done! and it's a pleasure doing business with you all!

for those of you going "huh?", see my original post.
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