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House blankets

hello fellow Hogwarts students!

with the stamp of approval by unwoundfantasy, i am glad to announce a chance for you all to buy hand made crocheted blankets with House colors!

i do charge for materials and for shipping, or i'll take trades. depending on where you live, the price differs (because of shipping) but the cost will be between $30 to $45. as far as trades go, just tell me what you have to offer and i'll consider (like lenabee is knitting me a Puff scraf in exchange for her blanket) what we can work out.

just remember it takes a while to make one of these so the process will be a bit slow.

hope to do business with you all soon! either leave a comment here, email me (gollum_gamgee@hotmail.com) or im me on AIM (thegeekypunkgrl).


here is the picture of the blanket i've been working on. the blue is actually much lighter, it just showed up dark in the picture.

hope this helps with the descion making!
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