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Quidditch Results!

Congratulations to both the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff teams for AMAZING work tonight!

It was the CLOSEST CALL EVER. Corrections being made minutes within postings of the snitches, last minute mistakes by both Seekers. A real nail-biter, and a great job by BOTH seekers and their teammates.

The game score was 150-35 for RAVENCLAW.

In addition, Jacs and I decided to award the Hufflepuff team an additional 25 points (the highest additional number of points coaches can award!!) for their teamwork, patience and sportmanship throughout this CRAZY game, making the final score 150-60 (which, for you newbies, means each house gains those points towards the House Cup!)

I can say that Jacs and I were VERY proud of everyone's hard work during this game, and thanks to our great cheerleaders here in HiH. Congratulations guys <3
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