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School Song

Attention All HIH Members,

As some of you might not be aware of, the members of the music club have been working really hard the past month to get a new school song written for HIH, well, we've finished and we wish to present the final results to you, our lovely schoolmates. I wish to thank all who participated and hope that you'll approve of the song as much as I do. So without anymore delaying.

If you be stout of heart
and bravery's your best,
then you're sure to be sorted
after passing my test.
It is known for its courage
the most of the four,
that which I speak of is Gryffindor.

Crafty, sly, cunning, and shrewd
Slytherins are known for these, for they are a devious
They set their goals way up high, determined to
As well as desiring to be number one - which others so
often call greed.
If you're one for trickery and smarts, along with
shifty eyes
Than perhaps Slytherin is the best for you, which is
not a big surprise.

Faithful, dependable, just and true
These are the characteristics that Hufflepuffs pursue.
Honorable and fair; tolerant and persevering
They will never waver for their loyalty is always growing.
Hard work does not come easy, it is difficult to do
But Hufflepuffs strive to do their best - a noble and worthy virtue.

Intelligent, knowledgeable, scholarly, and smart
These are all words that are dear to Ravenclaw's heart.
Here you will find the prudent and the wise
When it comes to knowing the answer, they always win the prize.
Those who are witty and are rational without a flaw
Will find the place that's best for them, is good old Ravenclaw.

And if you want to join in our next contest that will start very soon, then please fill out the Music Club application which can be found on the hh_clubs userinfo page.

*~Music Club Leader~*
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