Groupie (hackergroupie) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Attention HiH Now Playing members...

Quick Modly note:

If you have not already gone and taken the mandatory RP Etiquette quiz, please do so now. You have until Wednessday at 12 Midnight to reply before I remove you from the member list. You have nothing to loose by participating - you even earn 5 points for it! And you've everything to loose by neglecting this quiz, well, not like your house or car or millionaire fiance, but you could loose the ability to play with us. And that's almost as bad, right?

~HG, Slytherin Now Playing Mod

Edit Apparently my subject line saying "Attenition Hih Now Playing members..." was confusing. This message is only applicable for the members of np_hogwarts, a HiH role-playing community. The rest of the community has my permission to continue breathing. Thank you.
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