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DEBATE! Sunday, June 12th.

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HIH!

Secondly, as promised before.. it is now time to post up our debate topic. Make sure you are familiar with :

The Rules

  1. This is all in fun. Feel free to take it seriously, but keep yourself grounded.

  2. In the heat of debate, please refrain from using any sort of personal attacks. This should be obvious, and this will get you docked points.

  3. Please do not leave the topic, or leave your assigned side. This is also a good way to lose points as well!

  4. What happens in debate stays in debate. I don't want to see any of you getting catty with each other for whatever sort of battles go on in the debate post. When we leave the debate, we're all friends again!

  5. Only qualified comments earn you points. A qualified comment means:

    • A point is made.

    • The comment is more than three sentences long.

    • The comment stays on topic and is correct according to the side you are debating.

    • The comment is signed. And by that, I do have to request that if you accidently forget to sign it, that you delete the comment and repost with your name and house in it. Otherwise, should the thread collapse, I might not catch that you were signing in another comment.

  6. Please do not plan any sort of strategies in your common rooms. I want this to be your own genius, not what a prefect tells you to say. ;) Besides, there's more pride in coming up with something intelligent on your own, right? However, it is okay to track your house's progress or root your team on there. I won't be in the common rooms to make sure you guys follow this rule, so use the honor code.

  7. If you make a comment that is just so out there that it has to be deleted, expect your house to suffer from the loss of a very large amount of points. So just don't do it, kay? :)

Please keep in mind that we are not officially starting the debate at this moment, just pre-posting it as to allow you to make your preparations. The debate will be held tomorrow, June 12th.:

Should Hogwarts stop sorting students into different houses in order to obtain unity?

House pride runs deep in the hearts and souls of the students of Hogwarts. The house you are sorted into means the world to you- it is who you are, who you've been, and even who you will become. It reads into your character and your very being, pushing you into a world with people simular to you. Many people see it's benefits: one would easily find friends they could level with, and people with interests like their own. But, on the other side of the coin lies a world where people are looked down upon, students form a deeply embedded hatred for one another, and assumptions are made.. all because of the house they are placed into.

The decision rests in your hands. Should Hogwarts stop sorting students into different houses to obtain unity amongst the students, or should they see the many benefits of grouping students together by like personalities and interests?

For Houses: Slytherin and Ravenclaw
Against Houses: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

Best of luck to all of our debators, and I look forward to seeing out turn-out tomorrow!

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